Recent Before & After Photos

Drive Through

This Taco Bell suffered some damage due to a driver getting the wrong window at the drive through.We're totally kidding; what really happened was a simple drivi... READ MORE

"Record" Rainfall

This store was the unlucky recipient of a significant amount of water damage during some rain and storms we experienced here in Nevada.The SERVPRO team handled ... READ MORE

Watery Waltz: Ballroom Dance Studio Floods

This dance studio flooded pretty much everywhere! In the before picture, you can see the wet floors with some water still oozing up from the concrete and paddin... READ MORE

Mold in Master Closet

These pictures were taken after a storm left the majority of this house soaked and with very few undamaged rooms. The green and brown spots you can see on the w... READ MORE

Hurricane Parking Only

We have a lot of examples of what SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks can do from our time in the great state of Texas. Why? It's because, and we cannot stres... READ MORE

Vandalized Window

Opportunity knocks, but vandals take the windows instead, we guess! This business had the unfortunate experience of someone destroying one of their windows.Our ... READ MORE

Hurricane Harvey: In The Bedroom

Don't worry! There's nothing obscene about these photos-- unless you count the obscene amount of destruction caused to this bedroom floor in a Texas home.&... READ MORE

San Francisco Storms

These photos of this customer's entryway were taken in San Francisco California, where a storm ripped through the town, ultimately soaking the neighborhood-- an... READ MORE

Office Mold Undone

The mold in this office didn't stand a chance against SERVPRO's professionals. The white tarp you see is sectioning off that piece of moldy carpeting so the spo... READ MORE

Broken Window

This broken window happened due to some debris during high winds knocking a swinging object or a projectile from a nearby vehicle being blown through it. As you... READ MORE