Recent Before & After Photos

Broken Window

This broken window happened due to some debris during high winds knocking a swinging object or a projectile from a nearby vehicle being blown through it. As you... READ MORE

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Because this one sure was! Water from the ice maker in the refrigerator was leaking out onto the floor, into the drywall, where capillary action carried the wat... READ MORE

Winter Water Damage

Pipes freezing is a pretty common way to get water damage in the winter. But, even more common is not properly routing gutters and clearing those pretty--but da... READ MORE

Fighting Water

Handling water and excessive moisture from a broken pipe or a leak means removing much of the affected area entirely. This one happened while the owners were on... READ MORE

Fires Don't Just Burn--They Discolor Fabrics.

These living room sets were part of the same collection, and were deeply affected by the smoke and soot left behind after a house fire. Luckily, the homeowner c... READ MORE

UV Inspections

It takes a lot to get through an office or home break in. Sometimes there is evidence left behind, and a broken window leads to animals coming through, or a bur... READ MORE

Moisture Leads to Mold

In this before picture, you can see the ceiling is bowing with water. The walls have some water stains and moisture signs, as well. In the after photo, we can s... READ MORE

Burned Kitchen

It can be a lot more than just crispy dinner. This kitchen went up in flames due to a house fire. The culprit? The stove. Notice how the soot travels up from th... READ MORE

Even a Small Fire can Coat your Home in Soot

Even a small fire in your house can coat your home, and all your belongings with a layer of soot.  When this happens all of your household items can be aff... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Crawlspace

Mold growth in crawlspaces can seriously affect the air quality in your home.  Limited access that is not frequently checked, potential moisture, along wit... READ MORE