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SERVPRO of Reno East/Central Sparks Knows How to Clean Fire Damage, Ash and Soot and More!

This customer had an issue with a Fireplace, such that ash and soot got all over their room and carpet. This is when you need a professional to clean up after ... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Kitchen

It can be a lot more than just crispy dinner. This kitchen went up in flames due to a house fire. The culprit? The stove. Notice how the soot travels up from th... READ MORE

Storm Damage Clean Up of Broken Windows

This broken window happened due to some debris during high winds knocking a swinging object or a projectile from a nearby vehicle being blown through it. As you... READ MORE

Refrigerator Leaks Can Be Serious - SERVPRO of Reno East/Central Sparks Has Dealt with Many!

Because this one sure was! Water from the ice maker in the refrigerator was leaking out onto the floor, into the drywall, where capillary action carried the wat... READ MORE

Drive Through

This Taco Bell suffered some damage due to a driver getting the wrong window at the drive through. We're totally kidding; what really happened was a simple driv... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Reno East/Central Sparks Knows How to Manage Mold

This medical office had some mold growing just underneath the paint. These above pictures highlight the importance of checking pipes for leaks, and catching wat... READ MORE

Garage Door Board Up

This garage door was broken and in need of a temporary fix! The owner knew they should call SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks so their garage didn't lose he... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Reno East/Central Sparks Cleans Up Fire Damage

This home was affected by a fire inside, which spread to the gazebo or band stand area outside. Luckily, the owners of the structure knew who to call to board t... READ MORE

Storm Debris Clean Up

When it rains, garbage and debris fly all over the place with the high winds we can get in the Sierra Nevada regions! Not even the valley is safe from the mess ... READ MORE

Fire Cuts Through Structure

In these images, the building was entirely charred and burnt by a fire that started elsewhere in the home. The foliage around the owner's home was unaffected, l... READ MORE