Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Car Drives Through Store: SERVPRO Boards it Up

This was definitely one thing we weren't expecting to see again! After the damage done to other restaurants by similar car-related events, this local Reno shop ... READ MORE

Drive Through

This Taco Bell suffered some damage due to a driver getting the wrong window at the drive through. We're totally kidding; what really happened was a simple driv... READ MORE

"Record" Rainfall

This store was the unlucky recipient of a significant amount of water damage during some rain and storms we experienced here in Nevada. The SERVPRO team handled... READ MORE

Watery Waltz: Ballroom Dance Studio Floods

This dance studio flooded pretty much everywhere! In the before picture, you can see the wet floors with some water still oozing up from the concrete and paddin... READ MORE

Vandalized Window

Opportunity knocks, but vandals take the windows instead, we guess! This business had the unfortunate experience of someone destroying one of their windows. Our... READ MORE

UV Inspections

It takes a lot to get through an office or home break in. Sometimes there is evidence left behind, and a broken window leads to animals coming through, or a bur... READ MORE