Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Burnt Gazebo

This home was affected by a fire inside, which spread to the gazebo or band stand area outside. Luckily, the owners of the structure knew who to call to board t... READ MORE

Fire Cuts Through Structure

In these images, the building was entirely charred and burnt by a fire that started elsewhere in the home. The foliage around the owner's home was unaffected, l... READ MORE

Fires Don't Just Burn--They Discolor Fabrics.

These living room sets were part of the same collection, and were deeply affected by the smoke and soot left behind after a house fire. Luckily, the homeowner c... READ MORE

Burned Kitchen

It can be a lot more than just crispy dinner. This kitchen went up in flames due to a house fire. The culprit? The stove. Notice how the soot travels up from th... READ MORE

Even a Small Fire can Coat your Home in Soot

Even a small fire in your house can coat your home, and all your belongings with a layer of soot. When this happens all of your household items can be affected... READ MORE

Residential fire remediation in Reno

High winds caused a fire from a neighbors home to spread to our clients home in January of 2013. While the damage started on the exterior of the home, it quick... READ MORE