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Commercial Restoration Services

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Restoration Services SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks Emergency Commercial Response Team

Commercial Services

If fire or water damage sidelines your business, you need a professional restoration company to quickly restore your property. Every hour spent restoring your business is lost revenue and productivity. Commercial restoration presents unique challenges and we have the training, experience, and resources to handle any size disaster. Learn more about our commercial services:

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks is locally owned and operated—so we’re a part of this community too. We are also part of a national network of over 1,700 Franchises, which enables us to respond quicker with more resources. For major storms and disasters, we can call upon special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country.

School Clean Up

11/13/2018 (Permalink)


  • Students are in constant contact with each other, surfaces, and common areas and objects like doorknobs and learning materials.
  • When it's chilly out, its flu season. Not everyone can get a flu shot, and while everyone should wash their hands, it is not nearly as common as we would like. 
  • Regular janitorial staff are often stretched thin as it is, and likely are not professionals when it comes to flu and stomach bug season.

  • It takes special training to use the kinds of methods and materials to clean up after a spill or serious viral event in a school. 


It means your students deserve the best team possible to handle spills, contaminated common surfaces, and all the less-than-pleasant results of being under the weather--and that's SERVPRO.

No one can learn when they're sick, and learning in a mess is even harder. Call SERVPRO so they can get back to learning; we're "Faster to any size disaster"!

Many schools choose SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks as their go-to cleaning service. Give us a call, and join their ranks!

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Home Invasion: What's Next?

11/5/2018 (Permalink)

Home Invasion: What's Next?

In Nevada a total of 22,226 burglaries in 2010 occurred, that number jumping up to 22,360 in 2017. This means your chances of being a victim of property crime are 1 in 37, reports

Home or office invasion is messy, it’s a violation of space, your peace of mind, and your safety. If you find that you just need your space back together after home has been broken into, let us help. We specialize in stain cleanup, restoring cloth, upholstery, documents and more.

We also assist with water damage, fire, soot, and storm damage. It can  certainly look like a storm swept through your home or office after a break in or burglary, and fixing damaged parts of your home are essential to making it “Like it never even happened.” 

After the police have done their duty, and After it is safe for you to make the call:

Your next step, once the sirens and panic have died down are to call SERVPRO. Your workplace or home can be a sanctuary again. 

Additionally, security  systems and devices are a step in the right direction in taking back control over your space. If you decide to get a system in place, be sure to let SERVPRO employees know where they are located; part of your safety is making sure no false alarms go off when we are fixing your building or home!

Sometimes you can prevent the need for trauma cleanup; for every other time, there’s SERVPRO. Let us help you get everything back together after a traumatic experience like this.

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Commercial Cleaning From the People You Trust

11/5/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Cleaning From the People You Trust

The same people you trust after a fire or water disaster, can also keep your business clean year round.

Why is that?

Because the specialists at SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks are trained in every category of clean.

From mold remediation to the cleaning of carpets, upholstery, air ducts to general and routine cleaning - including floors, tiles, partition walls, internal walls, suspended ceilings, lighting, furniture, window cleaning, and deep cleans of washing facilities-- SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks is here to help protect every square foot of your business!

Our comprehensive system takes the task of maintaining a clean work facility out of your hands, allowing you to work more effectively on your business.

We are the bright green cleanup team at SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks.

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The Holidays, Property Damage, and Crime

10/25/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial The Holidays, Property Damage, and Crime Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup are one of #SERVPRO's main services.

Having Safe Holidays:

The holidays are notorious for wine spills, gravy splatters, and moisture from snow being tracked in through the house (how many times have you asked everyone to wipe their feet before coming inside?).

Holidays can be a stressful time; let's get it out there. Families bicker, household pets cause a little havoc, and property damage doesn't take a dip until February.

Sure; mold, stains, and water damage all come together during the holidays--but so does biohazard damage and crime scene cleanup. And, it is often overlooked during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

According to, the average number of monthly occurrences in the United States for property damage in November is 1,151.8. (If you’re wondering, the month with the highest rate was July, with a count of 1,282.3.)

When Beer Gets Behind The Wheel:

Driving while under the influence also peaks in November according to "The most traveled holiday period of the year is Thanksgiving weekend, and DUI arrests are at their highest between Thanksgiving and the end of New Year’s weekend."

Many impaired drivers crash into homes, destroy yards, or other property, as can be seen just last year at the Sparks Marina, and just this past April in a home in Sparks. As much as we would love for these kinds of things not to happen, occasionally they do. And when they do, you don’t have to handle it alone. SERVPRO employees are experts at biohazard remediation; our knowledge and expertise allow us to handle "Any size disaster".

Our cleaning solutions, construction tools, dryers, air movers, and the rest of our professional equipment ensure that when there's a house of chaos, or a home full of smoke, there's also a van full of clean to make it "Like it never even happened."

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Floriston Water Project: SERVPRO Reports

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Floriston Water Project: SERVPRO Reports The Floriston notice board with the compliance order posted.

FLORISTON, CA.-- Currently in the “design phase” of a water treatment system, the Floriston Property Owners Association (FPOA) states in a compliance order posted April 5th that it is working on a new system that will “remedy this issue”.

The “issue” is one of water quality. In Floriston--a small, unincorporated town nestled between Reno and Truckee--there is a boil order is currently in effect for all residents.

Before fretting for the town; this is nothing new in Floriston. According to Treasurer and Secretary, Karen Seelhoff, “The town has been on a boil order for over 20 years despite being recognized by the state years ago as having great water,” she goes on to clarify that this was “before the limits of bacteria were reduced to zero and the need for chlorination started us on this huge project.”

Seelhoff says she is the communications, documents, finances and system analysis point-of-contact for upgrading the town, “Basically I am the town manager; playing secretary and treasurer...managing all the necessary documents for the town's organization,” and projects.

Her husband is Floriston’s Mayor, Jerry Stinson, who says Floriston’s water system “doesn’t currently filtrate.” Instead, he says, the town is having to chlorinate, and that “when I came on the [FPOA] board I wanted to change that.” It is his third year as mayor.

The FPOA is comprised of few people; only four main contacts exist on the FPOA’s website. Mayor Stinson’s wife fills two roles, a credit to how small the town is: “Every house is owned and occupied, there’s 42 homes and the population is about 90-95 people,” Stinson said. Seelhoff added that the town's bylaws “limit expansion to our present 42 homes unless changed by a majority vote because of the limitations of our infrastructure …[sic] both water and sewer capacities.”

When asked about how many of those residents were affected by the water quality in town, Stinson explained that he hadn’t heard of any health issues from townspeople. He explained updating the water system is more about remedying an “antiquated system”, than it is about health concerns: “It’s good water, it’s drinkable...There is a boil order, but I don’t know anyone in Floriston who boils it.”

Stinson says that it “won’t be long before we are breaking ground." Seelhoff states that the FPOA is applying for a 2.7 million dollar grant to develop the town's system. "Right now," says the mayor, "I’m working with the engineers and the board, but not so much the community because that’s our [the board’s] responsibility.”

Stinson says it takes time and money for systems to be overhauled and redone, which is why the remainder of those responsibilities with engineers, “will probably be another year and a half”.

Treasurer Seelhoff added that the Mayor performs water monitoring “everyday snow or shine; volunteering over an hour a day to save the town money,” and that they are “looking forward to realizing this dream that has hijacked Jerry's and my life!”

Curious about the new system? “Microfiltration is what its called,” Stinson explains: “what they [the new filters] do is they filter the water, and then--the filters inside the new system are self-cleaning. It’ll wash everything that is in the filters.”

According to the University of Massachusetts’ Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, microfiltration is a “process that removes small amounts of suspended material from water,” each filter functioning in either surface or depth capacities. The piece also says that a surface-type filter is often used when an absolute rating is needed, and “should be selected when control of specific-size particles is important, such as the removal of bacteria.”


Byline: Andrea Figueroa

Andrea is a marketing support coordinator with SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks.  

Signs of a Rodent Infestation - Professional Cleanup

5/16/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Signs of a Rodent Infestation - Professional Cleanup Rodents can cause all manner of havoc and damage to a home.

Unless an infestation is severe, you may never see a mouse or rat.  It is important to look for the signs they leave.  Some evidences to look for are, droppings around food packages in cabinets, drawers, and under the sink.  Another sign to look for is shredded material used for nesting.  Other clues to infestation include signs of chewing on walls, floors, and food packaging.

If you see evidence of a rodent infestation, it is important to take precautions before cleanup.  Before cleaning, trap rodents and close any openings to keep rodents out.  Continue trapping until no rodents are captured.

SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks technician’s can clean and disinfect the areas of your home rodents have taken over and make it “Like it never even happened.”

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