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Black Ice: A Storm's Most Dangerous Hazard

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Black Ice: A Storm's Most Dangerous Hazard

Sometimes it can be frightening when the roads are covered in snow, black ice, and--even worse--other drivers. 

Storm season is a hassle at home, already; but you've got SERVPRO for when the winds and rain batter your house. We're here for you on the road, too!


It's just regular, clear ice that blends in with the pavement. Being unable to see it is where the danger lies.

"Black ice forms when it's raining and air is at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit at the surface, according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Andrew Mussoline."

Be sure to keep at least a 5-second following distance between yourself and other cars. That way, if you do hit black ice, you will lessen the chance of injuring yourself or others, and it will give other drivers a chance to slow down and react to what is going on in your vehicle.


  1. Don't hit your brakes!
  2. Decelerate by taking your foot off the gas pedal.
  3. Hold onto the steering wheel firmly.
  4. Keep your steering wheel pointed in the direction you want to go.
  5. If you feel your car sliding, don't over correct. The momentum can cause you to hit other cars.
  6. If possible, and if it is safe, head for a path of traction, like snow, grass, dirt, or salt sprinkles (the blue ones meant to melt the snow).

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Its Time To Check Your Crawlspace!

10/25/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Its Time To Check Your Crawlspace! Avoiding structural damage and mold is essential to being a responsible homeowner.

Why Check My Crawlspace?

In years past, record rainfall has created problems for home owners in the Reno / Sparks area.

We experienced flooding this past year, and can expect snow and melt-water runoff to head down the mountains and into the valley when this winter thaws.

  • Water has found its way into the crawlspaces of many area homes.  SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks technicians have responded to a large number of requests for services to dry out flooded crawlspaces.
  • Even if you have not experienced flooding in your crawlspace in the past, it is always a good idea to do periodic inspections, especially after heavy rains, to insure the safety of your home.
  • Water intrusions in your crawlspace, left untreated, can cause structural damage and allow mold to grow in your home.   

SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks technicians have the equipment and experience to take care of any water damage to your home, making it, “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Preparation: a Nevada and California Essential

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

Preparing for a storm in Nevada can seem silly--we aren't located in tropical storm territory, and tornadoes aren't a problem around here. 

Unfortunately, that mindset is what makes actual storm damage so devastating; when we don't prepare for damage, we stand the biggest chance of being severely affected by it.

The National Weather Service's advice about home preparation is to "keep trees and branches trimmed near your house. If you have time before severe weather hits, secure loose objects, close windows and doors, and move any valuable objects inside or under a sturdy structure." says that if you are sheltering in place, the following are the best practices to protecting the most important things inside your home: 

  • Bring your family and pets inside.
  • Lock doors, close windows, air vents and fireplace dampers.
  • Turn off fans, air conditioning and forced air heating systems.
  • Take your emergency supply kit unless you have reason to believe it has been contaminated.
  • Go into an interior room with few windows, if possible.
  • Seal all windows, doors and air vents with 2-4 mil. thick plastic sheeting and duct tape. Consider measuring and cutting the sheeting in advance to save time.
  • Cut the plastic sheeting several inches wider than the openings and label each sheet.
  • Duct tape plastic at corners first and then tape down all edges.
  • Be prepared to improvise and use what you have on hand to seal gaps so that you create a barrier between yourself and any contamination.
  • Local authorities may not immediately be able to provide information on what is happening and what you should do. However, you should watch TV, listen to the radio or check the Internet often for official news and instructions as they become available. has tips on how to prepare your home and yourself for storms.

Once you and your loved ones are safe and it is time to rebuild and undo the damage, let us remediate any flooding, fire, mold, or other storm damage that might have occurred. It can be tough to forget the chaos a storm caused, but SERVPRO can make it "Like it never even happened." 

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What Damage Can a Storm Cause?

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

What Damage Can A Storm Cause?

Property Damage:

  • Storms deposit a large amount of rain, which, if your home isn't prepared for, can cause serious flooding.
  • If your home does flood, or after the storm has passed begins to smell musty, mold may have grown because of the moisture.
  • Lightning can strike a home or yard and cause heat damage, or even start a fire
  • Winds can break off chunks of housing, roof-tiles, hurl debris around, and shatter windows.

SERVPRO specializes in remediating storm-battered and damaged properties. We know that while the storm is happening, it seems like all you can do is rely on the preparation you've done, and stay as safe as possible. Focus on those crucial things, and when it's all over, let SERVPRO help you put your property back "Like it never even happened." 

FLASHBACK: SERVPRO and the Reno Rodeo

7/31/2018 (Permalink)

In 2017, SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks had two brave teams participating in the Reno Rodeo Businessman’s Steer Decorating contest.  This contest was a fun, exciting event at the Reno Rodeo, giving sponsors an opportunity to get in on the Reno Rodeo action.

The event itself consisted of 12 teams of two people each, one who held the steer and the other who decorated it by tying a ribbon on the steer’s tail. The team that decorated their steer the fastest won the round.

That was SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks’ third year of participating in the Reno Rodeo.

SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks was happy to be a sponsor of the Reno Rodeo’s as we count down to the centennial in 2019.

Our team of skilled storm responders are still waiting with bated breath for 2019!

Looking Back: 2015 Storm Affects Whitehead Elementary

6/8/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Looking Back: 2015 Storm Affects Whitehead Elementary In 2015 our team worked against the clock to clean flood damage at Jerry Whitehead Elementary School in Sparks.

Heavy rains in July of 2015 flooded the student playground and damaged over 12 classrooms at the Jerry Whitehead Elementary School in Sparks.

Class was scheduled to start in August, less than a month away, and the school was in no shape for students after the storm. In order to limit further damage to the school and make sure students could start their education on time, SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks made a commitment that the school would be ready for the students and staff before the scheduled start of the semester.

Flood waters contain bacteria and other contaminants that lead to an unhealthy environment. Once the flood water was removed the structure was dried using SERVPRO's industry-standard equipment and machinery. The building was then thoroughly cleaned to return the classrooms and halls to a stable and safe environment for the staff and students.

It was a race against time to perform demolition, clean, and repair damage, but SERVPRO of Reno East / Central Sparks made it "Like it never even happened"!

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